Friday, September 18, 2009

Again with the Sun! What's an AGW Alarmist to do?

From Anthony Watts wonderful site, we get a report that scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) have found that solar output does not necessarily track with the 11 year sun spot cycle. Rather, as the sun spot cycle has reached a recent minimum, solar output has continued to be relatively strong.

So, what? Well, the problem is that AGW alarmist tell us that they've accounted for all the natural drivers for climate change and still can't find in those natural drivers enough 'drive' to cause the recent warming (which has actually recently turned into cooling since 1998 - but, that's another topic). Therefore, since we can't find enough natural drivers to cause the recent warming, non-natural or MAN-MADE drivers must be to blame. Ergo, the idea of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

This hubris of scientific thought can be astonishing. AGW Alarmist assure us that they really really do have it pretty well figured out. They continue to stiff-arm the idea that the Sun actually plays an enormous and highly dynamic role in Earth's climate. Yet, every time some one does a little more science on the Sun and things like cosmic radiation, we find new and surprising dynamics. Dynamics such as the one identified by NCAR that shows the Sun actually sending a lot of energy our way, just when we thought it wasn't.

It is entirely possible that human beings are doing things to effect our climate. And, there are plenty of valid reasons to take good care of our planet. But, in the face of the enormous nuclear reaction that lights and warms our planet, it would seem that our relative contribution to warming is rather minuscule.

The more we learn, the less room there is in the global climate models for any significant human contribution to climate change in either direction.

P.S. - To Anthony Watts and all his contributors, thank you helping me stay sane. .... or, at least, as sane as I can. ;-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A good laymen's presentation on the AGW crisis (not)

Apparently, John Stossel is joining Fox News. I never quite understood how he got away with some of the non-liberal-boilerplate pieces that he did on 20/20 for ABC. This 8 minute video of his is slightly dated, but, it does a good job of dispelling some of the myths put out by the anthropogenic global warming crowd. The facts he states are clear. The scientists he presents are truly well qualified and accomplished scientists in very relevant fields.

Good Job, Mr. Stossel.